Good bye

We started Poro Science in late 2015 when we were super bored at work. Thanks to a Reddit post, this website skyrocked in popularity. Now we are in 2022 and Riot Games finally brought back to life the achievements system that was hoped by me and all our followers for a very long time.

This 6 years project is now coming to an end (as of patch 12.9). We met a lot of people that helped this project and we thank you all for that, without your help this fan website would have been closed a long time ago. People that we didn't even knew proposed their help drawing icons, redesigned our banner, giving achievement ideas, reported mistakes, bugs, ... and of course our beloved donors

Time as come to delete our 154 millions games database, we wish good games and a lot of Pentakills for you all.

See you on the field of justice,